How to use SOCKS5 on Windows with Qv2ray
How to use SOCKS5 on Windows with Qv2ray

How to use SOCKS5 on Windows with Qv2ray

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Woiden.idSOCKS5 is the latest version of the SOCKS proxy. SOCKS5 allows you to access and explore the world of the internet without being tracked by masking your real location and IP address. SOCKS5 proxies offer more flexibility than other types of proxies and of course with better security features.

SOCKS is arguably the most advanced protocol for data transfer and was developed for applications that do not support direct proxies. In the previous version SOCKS only supports protocolf TCP, with the SOCKS5 server you can use the UDP protocol which ensures a reliable connection and more efficient performance.


By using SOCKS5 Server Over TLS / SSL you can increase better security and higher speed. In other words, your identity will be better protected and will also avoid being blocked.

In this article, we will discuss how to use SOCKS5 Over TLS / SSL to convert non-regular packages to regular quotas on a Windows PC.

How to Use SOCKS5 on Windows

The first step you have to do is create a SOCKS5 Over SSL account first. Here are the steps.

1. How to Create a Free SOCKS5 Account

To create a SOCKS5 Over SSL account you can open the Woiden.ID website and select the FREE SOCKS5 ACCOUNT menu.

membuat akun socks5 gratis

Select the SOCKS5 Server you wish to use. For example here we will create a Singapore SOCKS5 server.

free socks5 account


TAP or Click “Select in Singapore

server socks5 singapore

Before creating an account, pay attention to the SOCKS5 port, SSL port and UDPGW port that you will be using.

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Enter the Username and Password according to your needs. Then create a SOCKS5 account.

socks5 proxy account

Your SOCKS5 account will appear along with the active period of the account you created.

socks5 username password

How to create a SOCKS5 Over SSL account is complete. Continue to the next stage.

2. Install the Qv2ray application

To use a SOCKS5 Over SSL account on Windows you need the Qv2ray application, please download the file at the link below:

After the download is complete, right-click on the qv2ray installer file, then click Run as administrator

socks5 tutorial

Then in the installer, click Next to the Additional shortcuts section, tick Create a Desktop Shortcut

install qv2ray for socks5

Then click Next until the Install option appears

how to use socks5 on a pc

Wait until the install process is complete, then click Finish.

3. Import SOCKS5 via TLS Account to Qv2ray

After finishing creating a SOCKS5 account and installing the Qv2ray application, then we go to the Import stage of the Socks5 account to qv2ray

Open the Qv2ray application by right-clicking the shortcut on the Desktop and Run as administrator, or you can search for “Gatcha Qv2ray” (without the quotes) in the start menu and right click select Run as administrator.

socks5 over ssl

After the Qv2ray application opens, click “New” on the Qv2ray application.

how to set socks5 account on pc

After that click on the Type, select “Socks” then enter the Host, Username and Password according to the account you have created. For the port we use Port 443. Please follow the image below:

cara koneksi socks5

Then click the TLS Settings Tab, in this section follow the steps below:

  • On the Security Type tab select TLS
  • Check Allow Insecure Certificate and Disable System Root Certificate
  • In the Server Address (SNI) section, enter the BUG / SNI internet trick you are using, for example
  • After that click OK
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Write this down so you don’t get it wrong!

cara setting qv2ray untuk akun socks5 pc

4. Connect SOCKS5 with Qv2ray in Windows

Select the SOCKS5 profile you entered earlier, then “right click” and select “Connect to this

cara menggunakan socks5 di pc untuk internet gratis

The Qv2ray application has been successfully connected, meaning that SOCKS5 has successfully connected to Windows. It says Connected in the lower left corner of the Qv2ray application.

cara mengkoneksikan socks5 di pc

To make sure again, please open the site to see if your IP address has changed according to the SOCKS5 server you are using.

memeriksa socks5 terhubung dengan benar


5. Overcoming error “Cannot Start V2ray – V2ray core error” in Qv2ray application

cara mengatasi qv2ray error

Don’t forget to close the Qv2ray application first, right-click the “qv2ray icon” on the taskbar then Quit

cara atasi aplikasi qv2ray error

To solve this error, the method is quite simple, namely by deleting the qv2ray folder

Enter the following directory:


NB: {username} is your laptop/PC username, for example Joy username, then we enter C:\Users\Joy\AppData\Local

Then Delete “Qv2ray Folder“.

cara mengatasi qv2ray tidak bekerja

Then open the qv2ray application again, if the error message does not appear again then the application is ready for use.

If the above method doesn’t work and you still get an error message, reinstall the qv2ray application that you installed earlier.

NB: Do reinstall only if the error message still appears


Using SOCKS5 Over SSL allows you to appear as if you are actually using the internet elsewhere. And also you can enjoy free internet on Windows.